October 29, 2007

Mad Scientist: Update on Chloroplasts

Posted in Mad Scientist at 10:54 pm by D. Borst

So it turns out that a natural experiment has developed that tests exactly what I questioned in my last mad scientist post– Sea Slugs ingest algae and are able to extract the chloroplasts from these cells and use them to fix their own carbon.  These sea slugs only extract the chloroplasts though, and they are able to use the products of the fixation reaction in their own bodies.  Cool!  Read about it in this article here. Free article from NCBI.



  1. ventureforth said,

    so my reaction to your blog (mostly) amounts to: tl;dr. BUT. I just stopped by, and hey! shiny pictures! Also shiny … renderings of stuff! so, y’know, cool.

    it occurs to me to wonder – did anybody leap on the idea of these images as modern art yet? just ’cause it seems like the kind of thing rich people could be convinced to pay entirely too much money for.

  2. evolverierlex said,


    I’ve been keeping an eye on giantshoulders.wordpress.com as being a lurker for a little while now.
    I made a decision that I’d like toII would like to get involved and interact with the users here.
    I’m expecting to make contact with lots of interesting men and women and learn some incredible stuff.

    Hopefully this message didn’t get put in a bad section. I am sorry if “community wiki” is incorrect.


    Art Director

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