Have a word or three for me?

It is not my intention to attract undue attention to this blog.  I do not consider myself a particular authority on anything that I will be writing.    If you have a serious question, you should probably ask someone who is better at this than I am.  


That being said, there may be some reason you still want to contact me.  You are welcome to send me email at my gmail account, giant (dot) shoulders (dot) wp . (last period not part of the address.  For the confused, gmail addresses are of the form foo@gmail.com)    


If you do send me mail, in order to get the fastest response possible, please include in the body of your message these three words:  furlong psoriasis and relativism.  Not only will this confuse the advert bots of the GoogBorg, but it provides a a further layer of security so that the evil spam bots wont get me.  


Cant promise how fast I will reply, but I pending my launch into blogosphere stardom, I will try and get back to you.  

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