What you talkin’ about Willis?

This blog is devoted to being a study tool for myself as I make the transition from philosophical to medical thought.   As I study the giants of the field to improve my own understanding of the world we live in, I hope to sit on their shoulders so that I can hopefully understand some of what they have shared with the world.  


 I have decided that one of the best ways to study the material that I am learning is to communicate it to others in my own words, in a form where the least hand waving is possible.  This form may not be by blogging (or even writing), however I don’t have my own captive audience of interlocutors to question and discuss my every quibble, so you dear readers (if there are any of you) will have to do.  To that end, I intend this blog to be a discussion of the various Pre-Med classes that I am currently taking, the papers that I am reading, the particular medical questions that I am currently thinking of, and the odd ramble on dilemmas that face me. 


Ah you ask, who am I?  Well I will share this much with you.  I am a post-bac pre-medical philosophy major, graduated from Reed College in 2007, now attending classes at Portland State University.  Thus I live here in Portland, Or, one of my favorite cities on the planet, where I study, run and goof off.  If you are reading this blog and you know me, you will probably be able to figure out who I am.  Further details may be posted.  I will leave this discussion for  a future post on the internet, privacy and medical records, one of the areas that I am particularly interested in.  


So, get a cup of hot chocolate, a shaker of salt and a place to rest your head when I don’t make any sense.  On the shoulders of giants is entering the world of Pre-Med, Science and Ethics.  


There are many inspirations for this blog. I have been a regular reader of Boing Boing for 3 years going now (Not that that is particularly long, but it is about as long as I have been paying any attention to blogs)  so that will almost certainly affect my style.  I am also attracted to the design and mood of Warren Ellis’ site, and if one looks at the form of this site, one certainly be able to determine similarities Im sure.  However, my biggest influences are probably going to be the members of the medical blogging community, especially Scienceroll, Med Rants, Microbiologybytes and Retired Doc.  If you haven’t checked out these blogs, consider it.  I think that they have pretty good things to say.  

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